The Need For Images in Your Rewards Program

When it comes to advertising, using pictures is very essential. People are likely to get attracted and be confident enough to purchase a product. Customers tend to avoid products which they haven’t seen; the issue is same when it comes to promoting a reward program. Pictures help in highlighting what the reward program does to the customers.

Here are the reasons for using pictures in a reward program:

1. Customers Always Expect Pictures

Under the current digital age, content with integrated images is commonly used. Customers expect more graphics to be employed when improving the customer experience. With the growing popularity of social media and the use of applications such as Instagram, it is no doubt that the use of pictures has been accepted as an inevitable accompaniment to traditional text-like content.

This is due to the introduction of smart-phones which enable people to take photos any time they want. Creating a visual content is very easy and should be integrated when developing a reward program. Leading platforms such as Edenred Singapore have been able to include the pictures in their rewards program. Using pictures will encourage customer attraction and should be employed when coming up with this program.

2. Anyone Can Understand Images

When pictures are used, any person from any background can easily relate to what you are offering. Perhaps the use of pictures is the only common language in the world. Images can be used to communicate with all potential clients without the need for translation. Visuals are also used for simplicity.

Research done by MIT report that only 13 milliseconds are required by your brain to process an image. Use of pictures at multiples levels ensures that the customer easily understands what you are offering with less effort applied.

3. Visuals Can Be Used To Express Emotions

You can communicate using your facial expressions; this is among the common ways used by human beings to visually communicate. This is why photography must be employed when developing your marketing program. It can communicate a thousand words when a customer has a sight with it. With the use of pictures in your program, it will enable you to communicate with emotion effectively, and that is usually the basis of a reward program; to entertain people while still informing them.

An example of this picture principle is the Jackson Galaxy. As a lover of a cat, he loves sharing the joy of his cat with other customers. To effectively achieve this, he includes the picture of himself having fun with its cats in his referral card program. In return, he can communicate with various customers and increase the number of referrals he gets. Employing the use of pictures in your programs will ensure you achieve the same.

4. Pictures Attract Attention

Most of the contents nowadays are image based. This is because images can attract users. Studies have shown blogs which employs such measures get about 94% more visitors because it can attract and hold the attention of the users. When you want to easily advertise your rewards, ensure you use this measure as it will allow people to notice what you are giving out.

At a glance, it can hold the customer’s attention and manipulate their mind to join the reward program. Consider also to visualize your program. Creating a video is also an effective way to attract the customer to see what the program is all about. With the “start” button in place, users are more likely to engage in the reward program.

5. Visuals Are The Simplest Way To Sell Your Brand

Images are combinations of shapes colors and typography. These elements form the basis of your brandselling. Branding is an important tool when it comes to marketing and creating a more visual logo will ensure that you are differentiated from the other companies. Customers will be able to identify you easily and connect to the rewards program. You can improve the power of branding into your reward program in many ways. For instance, you can develop your program to include colors or logos, and more other images. This will ensure that the customers can easily identify you from the rest and in turn engage with your reward. You can also extend this to the explainer page as well as program emails to deliver a uniform experience.

A good example of this is the spectrum; they employ the use of explainer page as well as panel cards and also a launcher to build their rewards programs which visually translate from one page to another blending easily with other pages and elements. 63% of the customers usually think the use of product images is more efficient than the ratings and the customer reviews. Always make sure to employ this when building the rewards program for it to be effective.

7. For Easy Remembrance

A human being can remember over 2000 images for while after seeing them. Research done by scientist shows that using pictures increases the brain capacity to remember by almost 95%. This follows the fact that human beings to remember what they see. Using pictures in your program will ensure you that the product will remain in the mind of the customer for long and in future, they are likely to return.

Especially to referral programs, brands have come to realize that using your customers to sell your brand is a powerful strategy which will, in turn, increase the referral links on the websites. Branding your referrals by visualization will ensure that it becomes memorable to your customers.


Using pictures will ensure the rewards program is fantastic and it will boost the customer experience. With more images being generated every day, customers usually visit your site with an expectation of getting more visuals and brands which are more interactive.

Employing this will enable you to attract them to the rewards program and in turn boost your gains. Visualization will ensure that you incorporate the complex ideas into your program as well as attracting the attention of the customers. Using pictures is a real secret, and it will ensure you succeed in the rewards program campaign.

To succeed in this, the company should hire a competent graphic designer to ensure they always have quality images in their brochures and blogs. Alternately you can buy ready images from various online platforms.

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