If You Ever Get Robbed or Injured, This is How You Claim Your Travel Insurance 

So you’ve taken a trip and everything is expected to go well, you’re going to have fun on the beach and go swimming. It’ll truly be like finding an oasis in a sea of stress. But instead, it’s like all hell has taken the time to come after you. Your luggage was lost by the airline, you’ve come down with some sort of bug or disease or something, and to top it all off you missed the connecting flight because you were too busy throwing up in the bathroom to make check-in. Bye-Bye vacation!

What to do next

Now, this might all be mitigated at least a little bit if you bought travel insurance, at least, you think so. Well, making that claim might just be releasing even more demons from that hell of a vacation if you don’t do it the right way. So take a quick read of what we’ve put together below to avoid even more headaches.

Give your agent a call

As soon as you have an accident your natural instinct is to call your family. Whether this means your mom to soothe you, your wife to talk you down, your brother to complain to, or your mistress to arrange some comfort it doesn’t matter. These are not the people you should even be thinking about.

No, that lovely honor goes to your insurance agent. This applies even if you bought directly from the HL Assurance Insurance company instead of an agent. This is because agents will have a quick and easy to reach hotline, unlike companies which will probably put you on hold in a call center. You’ll want to call an insurance agent ASAP even if you have a copy of the insurance with you. This is because the agent will be able not only to better understand the policy than you. But they are also in a better state of mind to do so because they have not just been in an accident or situation that has put them under strain.

Once you’re actually connected to and speaking to the agent explain what happened as plainly and clearly as you can. The better understanding that they have the more they can help. The insurance agent will then explain to you what sort of assistance your policy can provide you with.

They will also be valuable in telling you what sort of documents and other materials you’ll need to have ready for the authorities upon your return to Singapore. Don’t put it off either as not having them ready might make your claim invalid.

Know What You Can Make A Claim For

If your insurance agent is worth their salt, they will be able to tell you what your policy entitles you to at the expense of the insurance company. Again, this really depends on the type of policy you bought but there are several things they tend to cover:

Evacuation: In the case that an accident occurs in the middle of a jungle or hard to reach location, your policy may cover an evacuation at the expense of the insurance company. This may have certain limiting factors if it is covered by your policy such as only being able to employ the use of certain ambulance companies.

Medical Assistance: If you are involved in an accident there is a strong chance that you could have been hurt in a physical manner. This leaves a question to consider, do you trust local doctors in your treatment or be transported back to Singapore for evaluation? If you choose the latter check to see if your insurance policy covers your transport and treatment as part of an emergency or other claimable situation.

Accommodation and Transport: If you find yourself having to cancel or disrupt your trip for any reason you may be able to lodge a claim to get your expenses back for transportation and accommodation. This is especially helpful if you would like to stay at a hotel when you would otherwise find yourself sleeping in an airport boarding lounge or on the street.

Legal Expenses: If somehow on your trip you find yourself in trouble with the law (hey it’s not your fault that guy walked into the way of your rental scooter) your insurance policy may cover the cost of legal representation.

Document Everything

When making an insurance claim it is important to document literally everything you can. Without documentation, you are going to be stuck with no case and hating your company for protecting themselves and merely following loss prevention protocol. Indeed, as soon as you call your insurance company you are going to need to be thorough in your queries as to what they need in order to settle your claim effectively and in your favor as best they can. Typically they will ask for much of the following:

A Police Report: A lot of claims will instantly be shot down if you don’t make a report of the incident to the police within 24 hours. These types of claims typically involved lost or stolen baggage, money, really anything involving theft of your personal belongings.

Make a Photographic Record: This is one of those things that you do even if you think you don’t have to. Any photos of damage to items or your own body can help serve as proof to the insurance company that an accident or incident did occur, just in case other details are deemed to be shaky.

Keep a Paper Trail: There are no regulations posed by insurance companies as to what can be submitted by those who are filing a claim. There are a few things though that are sort of necessary to certain claims though. If you’re looking to get reimbursed for something you should always have the receipts for it handy. This is because not only do they act as proof of purchase, but also as a ledger detailing the amount needed to be reimbursed. This is true of any documentation. So if you visit a doctor, get him to write a letter, get all of your insurance agents words in emails or letters and keep a timetable of events.

With all of this information in mind, you are now in a better place to use travel insurance. However, it’s important to remember that the worst thing to do is to not buy travel insurance in the first place. It is not an expensive investment but it is one that can save you a lot of hassle when you run into unexpected trouble when traveling. Click http://carinsuranceshopper.com for more details!

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